NFBPA is rapidly emerging as the nation’s premiere association of Black public leadership with a rapidly growing reputation for proudly strengthening the capacity of federal, state, and local government managers active in a range of multidisciplinary roles. This important status is maintained and fortified through dynamic on-going training and professional development programs, aligned with a powerful network of Black leaders in influential public positions.

The NFBPA is committed to strengthening the position of Blacks within the challenging and competitive field of public administration; to prompting an increase in the number of qualified Blacks appointed to executive positions in the public service arena; to helping and grooming younger, aspiring administrative leaders for senior management positions in the years ahead.

The following critical goals allow the NFBPA to realize its commitment and mission:

  • To identify, motivate, and groom younger, emerging Black talent serving in the public sector by providing mentoring and relevant exposure to both the challenges and the rewards of a successful public service career.

  • To provide intensive, rigorous training, and on-going education in critical management areas in response to the unique needs of Black public sector professionals.

  • To conduct legitimate research on selected social and economic issues of special consequence to Blacks, and to address the critical professional, civic, and social issues illuminated through such research.

  • To serve as a magnet organization by stimulating the proactive networking of the public, private, and academic sectors to promote and support enhanced communication, innovation and professional development among Blacks on the public service career path.

  • To sponsor and conduct local, regional, and national forums addressing timely, relevant issues and concerns that both directly and indirectly impact public administrative functions, as well as the needs and concerns of the Black community as a whole.

  • To develop and maintain a national database on the nation’s growing community of Black administrative leaders.

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Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author or presenter and do not represent those of the National Forum of Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) or any of its sponsors. Members, vendors, and guests have been notified that defamatory statements and the infringement of any legal rights of others will not be tolerated.  NFBPA will not accept any liability in respect to such communication as it is contrary to our mission and goals.

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